10 March, 2010


So, we just went for a walk in the sun. And in fact, we've had consecutive days of sunlight... In a row.

I think I appreciate it in a whole new way now. I'd heard of the March sunbathers. That is, that when sun-starved Stockholmers get some rays in still frosty days of spring while still bundled in winter coats but maybe removing gloves or hats to expose some skin. Yup, saw them on the steps of Kulturhuset lined up with the pigeons. And sure, it's funny, but I mention it with a large degree of empathy. That when I see the beaming faces soaking in the sun, now I do it with another layer of understanding. I feel ya.

Anyway, now the ice is melty (which is not quite melting, or melted) but it makes the sidewalks more navigable. Also, new observation: I give elderly people who are still out on the streets more cred. I'm scared I'll break a hip out there, and I'm relatively young and surefooted. Maybe they know some icewalking tips that I could learn?

As we wondered through downtown, Anne and I ended up retracing our steps from one of the first walks that we made through the neighborhood last summer. It was nice to have the perspective of almost 9 months in our new home. And the changing of the seasons really does give a new insight to how the city moves, lives and breaths. Now that spring is here I can't wait to get the snow out and the summer days in. For those of you playing a copy of our home game: 37F is what has unhinged my musings. Yeah, just a little above freezing, and a lot more sunlight than 3 months ago is all it takes.

How soon till the ice melts on the river? Didn't capture it on camera, but there was a man walking his dog under the bridge. Takes some courage that, as I just found out about the special ice-picks skaters wear to claw their way out in the event of a spill into the deep.

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