08 March, 2010

Picture post

A few pictures taken from the couch-- I was sick this weekend (still sick, really) so we took it super easy. Our living room ceiling & sad little lightbulb hanging from a mess of outdated electrical wires, Stu's make-shift footstool, our fireplace with his wedding ring left for safe-keeping during a yoga practice:


We couldn't NOT get out a little, though. We had so much lovely sun this weekend.

I even got Stu to agree to go into the Marimekko store. He didn't like the one in Silver Spring, but had to concede that the Stureplan store did it better. I wanted to buy everything.

  We did a lot of walking. I forgot sunglasses, but was somehow  okay with that.   
There are half a dozen new exhibitions I want to see, but we went to the Moderna because thats just where we ended up. And I was hungry and I like their cafes. 
I tried to get a photo of the Lee Lozano show doors closed from the inside because it looked like we were IN her mouth, but people kept coming in.

I never noticed the crouching statue before she was surrounded by snow. I kind of love it. And thats me, wishing I could also own the chairs we were sitting in. 


  1. are those the boots?? THE grey boots?!? love em!

  2. Yes! Those are the boots! We can finally wear non-snow-shoes here.