18 March, 2010

St Patty's Day

We weren't quite sure what to expect with Swedes and St. Patrick's Day. Its a "holiday" most Americans celebrate with relish, even if they aren't one ounce Irish. Interestingly, in DC, we try to avoid Irish bars on St. Patrick's Day since they are always so packed. Last year, we found ourselves at Commonwealth, a British pub at Columbia Heights. But thankfully, like Halloween, the Swedes have absorbed it in fine form. The free local paper was filled with ads from Irish-y bars announcing they were opening early for all-day celebrations, music, and lots & lots of Guinness.

In what I hope becomes a tradition in our household, Stu made a fanta-bulous from-scratch Shepherd's Pie. I'm so proud of him. 
After several helpings, we didn't manage to waddle out of the house until about 8:30, and most of the friends we were meeting had gotten to the bar many hours before. We headed out to Gamla Stan to The Liffey, an extremely popular Irish bar, even when its not March 17th. And what did we find?
Yes, that is a line, more than a dozen people deep. 

So we decided to try O'Connell's just down the street. They had live Irish music. And also, a line:


I don't like to wait in line. I appreciate Sweden for its penchant for queuing; it makes life more organized. But when it comes to a line for a bar or a club, I'd just as soon go elsewhere. So Stu & I decided to skip the Gamla Stan options and go meet other friends at The Limerick in Vasastan.

Yep, you see correctly, also a very long line. For the third time!

Great that there is Irish spirit in Stockholm! But its still cold in Stockholm. And, as I mentioned, we don't like waiting in lines outside. So in true Anne & Stu fashion, we ended up at a non-Irish bar on St. Patrick's Day, The Man and the Moon. It might even be British? Its just around the corner, and I had wanted to check it out for a while.

Its quite a nice little place. I'd go back. And the best part: no line, no crowds, no crazy drunk people (well, there were a few potentially inebriated people wearing giant foam Guinness hats.) We both enjoyed an over-priced Murphy's and called the evening a success.

This is Stu, conquering a giant snowmound in the name of a successful St. Patty's Day. And next year, we'll try to get out earlier. Or go to a Mexican bar.

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