23 March, 2010

Spotted: magazines

Maybe you'll think I'm ridiculous, but even so, I'm ridiculously excited...Vogue, Cosmo, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire IN ENGLISH at the Pressbyrån next to SSE.

As I waited outside after work for Stu tonight, I perused the selection of magazines, and was surprised to see that they had at least half a dozen of the UK version of some of my fave girly magazines (the kind I only would allow myself to buy in airports.) Jinni (Stu's mama) randomly had an Us magazine with her when she came to visit, and I practically wore out the pages I was so excited to read it.
I haven't seen these types of magazines in English in Sweden! They do have Vogue and Elle here in grocery store aisles, but of course, they are in Swedish. Too bad the UK versions cost from 50-89 kronor a pop ($7-$11.50.) I can't wait to get back to cheap magazines when we visit the States in June. 
Its the little things, really. 


  1. I would kill for a Vanity Fair! (and a J Crew)

  2. I'll see what I can do! Probably not much on the J Crew front, though.