14 March, 2010

Sundays are awesome

Its not the Sunday Washington Post (I'm a sucker for Sunday ads) but whenever Stu has stuff to do at school on the weekend, which he did yesterday, he brings me back an Int'l Herald Tribune. There is something so satisfying about Sunday morning coffee and reading a paper newspaper, and in English. 
We've got dough rising for kanelbullar, I think we'll do a little window shopping in Söder, maybe some yoga. I <3 Sundays.


  1. Oh, English newspaper!

    I have a favor to ask you, as an American about to move to Sweden (less than six weeks). I have some questions about Stockholm, but I can't find your email. If you are willing, please email me at eva at alumni dot brown dot edu


  2. Good point, I didn't even realize we don't include email addresses. I fixed my blogger profile so now it has an email contact, but if you have specific questions, let us know! lagom.sverige (at) gmail.com

    6 weeks! Enjoy it!